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Great Bible Lessons

Powerful basics and impactful encouragement ranging from man’s sin and God’s forgiveness to developing a passion for Bible study and how to live a life that glorifies God.

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GBL-11 - Daily Christian Living

To many people, Christianity is like a garment that can be taken off or put on at will. For example, when it’s Sunday the “Christian garment” can be taken out, spruced up, and put on so that a person can “really live like a Christian.” But when people want to live like they want to live—when they want to “have fun” and “do things like those in the world”—they are suddenly willing to take off their “Christian garment.” In reality, however, such actions illustrate the hypocrisy of those who claim to be followers of Christ. Christianity is not like a garment or a coat that can be put on or taken off. Christianity represents something that a person must do each and every day of his or her life. Think about the words of Jesus in Luke 9:23, where Jesus illustrated what being one of His followers actually entailed. “Then He said to them all, ‘If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.” This passage beautifully illustrates the fact that Christianity is a daily lifestyle. It is not a momentary fad. Nor is it something we do whenever we are “in the right crowd.” Rather, being a Christian is a way of life each and every day.